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Did you know EVERY WEBSITE could work harder on the internet than it currently is; and convert more traffic ?

Website Audit Report

This is where a website audit report or sometimes known as a website MOT comes in to it's own. It help's you understand what is working well and what could be worked on to get better traffic and conversions on your site. Yes, better traffic not more, many people get this very wrong when undertaking a website optimisation campaign.

Let me explain this in more detail: Large amounts of traffic is only good when the site viewer takes up one of your services or buy's a product, Lot's of traffic can help this but too many businesses miss-understand what traffic is all about. What I am getting at here is that business owners - marketers need to be more savvy with regard to what their visitors require and are looking for. "Conversion is the key to any business model".

How will it help my visitor conversion?

My website audit report will look at your target audience and see what your site focuses on to see if we can lead traffic to the pages that your potential customers are looking for in a more intuitive way. I explain what changes can be made to get traffic to the more important pages and so its more likely they will buy or takes up a service.

Conversion if far more important than lots of irrelevant non buying traffic. A Website Audit Report will explain all the things that you as the business owner or your webmaster can do to improve this.

I Conduct These Critical Reports:

Website SEO Audit
Visibility Issues (redirects, blocked pages, page errors, malware scan)
META Issues (page title errors, page description errors, missing Google Analytics)
Content Issues (low word count & duplicate content issues)
Link Issues (internal link check, external link check, rel=”nofollow” check, missing anchor or ALT text report)
Image Issues (missing ALT text, missing image title, broken image links)
Website SEO Quality AuditWebsite Design Audit
Domain Trust checkSemantic structure test
Domain Rank checkPage content test
Page Authority testObsolete & depreciated HTML code test
Domain Authority TestInline styles test
Alexa Rank CheckDownload size/time test
DMOZ Listing CheckOutgoing links test
Load Time Test

Additional auditing factors I report on:

If you have arrived at this page you want to understand the important considerations that you need to consider and understand when looking at getting the most from your website online. Here is a list of important factors that should be followed in order get the most from your website.

I offer a Website Audit that covers all the following aspects.

Meta Titles

What is it - A meta title is a short, one line piece of text that is used to add focus and context to what is contained within the page and is used within the opening and closing title tags just after the charset. Each meta title should be unique to the page in which it is contained and be no more than 70 characters in length.

Why is it important - Your meta title will be looked at by search engines to help determine what topic the page discusses. This makes the page meta title a very important aspect of your overall site so it is important to take some time and carefully consider how your titles are constructed.

Meta Descriptions

What is it - A meta description is a sentence or two long that describes in top level detail what is contained within the main content of the page. Each meta description should be unique to the page in which it is contained and be no more than 150 characters in length.

Why is it important - This section is looked at by search engines to try and understand the context and focus of the page content. Your meta description is an important part of the SEO of your page and because of this, it is important to carefully consider the way in which this is written.

Meta Keywords

What is it - Meta keywords are a list of phrases associated with the page. There should be a maximum of four phrases on each page, some unique to the page and some matching those on the homepage (if applicable). These phrases would also ideally contain the local geographical area’s which you are looking to target.

Why is it important - Meta keywords help to add context and focus to your page, whilst search engines do not use these as high ranking factors, they are used to help try and gain an understanding of what the page discusses so it is important to make sure they are related to your page content.


What is it - A doctype is something every page should have and should appear before the opening <html> tag of the page. A doctype defines what version of code the page is written in.

Why is it important - The doctype used on your page links through to a definition (DTD - Document Type Definition). This definition will contain the rules used as part of the coding language used on your page so that browsers will be able to display the content correctly.

Geo Location

What is it - Geo location meta tags are tags which contain information relating to the specific area in which you are based or your business operates. These tags can contain latitude/longitude information, regions and place names.

Why is it important - Adding geo location meta tags will help to give your page focus


What is it - A sitemap is quite simply a map of your website. Sitemaps are usually presented in two different formats; html and xml, with each great for both the end user and search engines respectively.

Why is it important - An html sitemap gives the user a link to all pages found within your website. An xml sitemap helps search engine spiders effectively index the whole of your site with ease.

CSS Styles

What is it - The use of a CSS stylesheet allows you to change complete design elements of your page quickly and easily. A stylesheet will define the styles of each element across all pages linked to the stylesheet.

Why is it important - It is best to keep your stylesheet as an off page element, doing this will mean there is an increase in the text to code ratio of your page which is important. If you wanted to make changes to a universal, site wide element you could do this once, rather than on all pages.


What is it - JavaScript is used to add additional functionality to your websites pages. Its two most commonly used functions are for interactive navigation purposes and form validation.

Why is it important - Whilst JavaScript is great for making your website more interactive and appealing to your audience, it is important to remember that the over use of code on the page can have a negative effect on your search rankings.


What is it - Every site should have a robots.txt file; it gives instruction to search engine spiders as to what parts of the website to look at. Normally this would not include any exceptions, it should just say to look at the whole site.

Why is it important - Having a robots.txt file will reaffirm to search engine spiders that your page exists to be looked at by anyone and everyone. This level of transparency is welcomed by search engines.

Htaccess Files

What is it - If your website contains an .htaccess file, this will be the first thing that the browser will look for when loading the page. However if your site does not have one, it will not normally impact the effectiveness of your website.

Why is it important - If you do have an .htaccess file, you will be able to rewrite and redirect URL’s. This is particularly helpful if you wish to have a more informative URL’s that if left in their original structure would be unhelpful in determining what the page is about. You can also apply 301 redirects to pages with an.htaccess file.

Important Legal Documentation

What is it - Every site should contain important legal documentation, this includes terms and conditions, a privacy policy and full contact details.

Why is it important - Having this information on your website adds to the trust that both end users and search engines give your site. Having terms and conditions is particularly important if you sell products and a privacy policy should always be available if you collect any details from a user to ensure they are not usedin an inappropriate manner.

Page Content

What is it - Put simply, page content is the physical text that you would read on any given page of a website.

Why is it important - The quality of your page content plays a major part in assisting your website achieving its potential on the search engines. Well written content will ideally consist of between 250 to 800 words per page and not contain double spacing.

Call to Actions

What is it - A ‘Call to Action’ is designed to focus the reader into performing an action like calling, emailing or purchasing a product. A call to action is really beneficial if you are looking to turn hits on your website into calls or sales, depending on your business model.

Why is it important - By adding a well constructed call to action to your page, you help to point your end user in a specific direction to perform a specific action. By doing this, the conversion rate of your website will potentially increase, leading to more business.


What is it - A heading is a tag used on the pages of your website to add content to each section of your page. The headings you use on your pages should be related to the text that follows them.

Why is it important - Each page should contain one heading 1 tag. This heading is used to explain what the entire page discusses. It is used by search engines to try and understand the topic or theme of the whole page.

Navigation Structure

Why is it important - The main reason that you need a well thought out navigation structure is so that all information can be found easily on your site either by an end user or by search engine spiders when indexing your pages.

Above the Fold

What is it - Above the fold is a visual aspect of your web page that plays an important part of users getting the most out of your site. The ‘fold’ is the point at which the user will need to scroll down to read/view the rest of that particular page.

Why is it important - Minimal user input to gain maximum results to their informational need is very important and because of this, the more quality information you can get above the fold, the sooner and easier the user will find the answers to their queries.


What is it - An acronym is the use of the initial letter of a group of words abbreviated to form one word e.g. SEO. It is important to remember that not everyone may know what these stand for so this is where the acronym tag comes in.

Why is it important - By using the acronym tag, you are able to display the full version of your abbreviation to browsers, spell checkers, screen readers and more importantly, search engines and the end user. Using this within your pages is great if you have abbreviated qualifications or work under guidelines of industry standards.

Alt Tags

What is it - An alt tag is something associated with a specific image that provides a small text description of what that image is showing. This is also required to comply with certain code validation structures.

Why is it important - Alt tags should be added to images for a number of reasons; the tag is used for accessibility, for example if someone is using a screen reader. The tag can also be beneficial to search engines in understanding what the image is showing. In the unlikely event that one of your images does not load, this text tag will be displayed in its place.


What is it - Flash elements are pre designed objects which give the end user an added level of interaction or display. Most typical examples of flash elements include ‘moving’ or transitional images and interactive navigations and menus.

Why is it important - Websites will mainly use flash elements to enhance the visuals that the end user sees on the page. The addition of intuitive features is designed to keep the end user more interested on the page.

Internal Site Links

What is it - Internal links are how users navigate around your website. These links can help to play a major part in the usability of your website and the ease with which search engine spiders can access all of your pages.

Why is it important - By linking all of your pages together, you should end up with an easy to navigate website where all pages are accessible with a maximum of 3 or 4 ‘clicks’. This will also make it very easy for search engines to understand how your site links together and how certain sections relate to one another.

Full URL Links

What is it - A full URL link is used when linking to other pages within your website or externally to other sites and pages. Using a consistent and complete structure to your linking is always recommended.

Why is it important - By using the full URL of a page rather than just the page name within your directory structure in a consistent manner it will assist with the ease with which search engines spider your pages and how equally link reputation flows across your site.

Title Tags

What is it - A title tag is used with links to give a text description of what the page being linked to is all about. The text used in title tags can have a positive impact on your search rankings.

Why is it important - If the association between the title tag and the content of the page being linked to is high then it helps to reinforce the relevancy of that page. Search engines always aim to display the most relevant results based on any query.

Inbound Links

What is it - An inbound link is where another site has linked to you directly, usually because they believe your content or services will be beneficial to their readers and the wider web audience.

Why is it important - Inbound links can really assist in gaining your website trust as by other sources (hopefully already highly trusted) linking to you; they are technically saying that they like what they see and that your website provides quality answers to specific related queries.

Follow and NoFollow

What is it - Follow and NoFollow are attributes which can be added to links to determine if search engine spiders go and visit the site or page being linked to of if they do not. This applies to both internal and external links.

Why is it important - Internal linking-wise, this attribute is great for pages which are required but are not necessarily going to provide the end user with information related to the overall topic or theme of your site, pages like this include login pages RSS feeds etc.

Page Load Speeds

What is it - The speed at which your pages load can have a signification effect on how long visitors stay on your site, and even if they do at all.

Why is it important - If a page loads quickly and the information the user was looking for is presented to them quickly then they are far less likely to hit the back button and look elsewhere. If your page takes a long time to load and the information the user is looking for is not presented quickly then they will most likely click back and look elsewhere.

Text to Code Ratios

What is it - When a search engine looks at a page in a website it looks for text to code ratios. It helps the search engine determine if a page has enough content for rank position purposes.

Why is it important - If a website is badly coded; not only can it cause issues in terms of a search engine indexing the page(s) but it can also hinder the potential of the page in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

Google™ Analytics

What is it - Google™ analytics is a website statistics tracking package. It is free and can be used to track all sorts of information relating to usage of your site including hits, searches, time on site and number of pages viewed per visit.

Why is it important - Keeping track of this type of information means you will be able to map areas of your site that do well, but potentially the areas that do not do as well so that you are able to improve them.

Social Media and Marketing

What is it - Social media and marketing aspects of your website have grown rapidly in the past couple of years and look like continuing to do so. The most common instances of this are to have a blog such as WordPress or use a social networking platform such as Facebook or Twitter for promotional purposes.

Why is it important - These methods offer a chance for you to interact with your clients and potential clients and these platforms are increasingly becoming recognised ways of growing and expanding businesses.

Valid Code

What is it - Having valid code will ensure that your site matches up to industry standards of markup (code). The validation checks are based upon the doctype you have used on your website.

Why is it important - If you have valid code, it will ensure that search engine spiders will not encounter any issues when looking at your site. If these spiders cannot access your whole website they will not be able to asses all of your sites content which may have a negative impact on your rankings.


What is it - Making your site accessible to as many different users as possible is something that many sites seem to forget. Your site should always be about giving any end user the information they require in a format they can understand.

How - There are many ways that you can help make your website accessible to as many users as possible, the best way to do this is to use as much descriptive information as you can; this is particularly useful on images (with alt tags) and title tags on links.

SEO code of ethics

Find out more about our SEO code of ethics to understand my principles and what you can expect when purchasing services from Lee Johnson IT.

So, is your website healthy?

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