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If you’ve yet to be convinced of the potential that can be released from your website with well-written content, it’s time to take a look at all the angles, the benefits for you, the business owner, the understanding search engines have good content and most importantly the advantages that your visitors will gain.

3 Points to Consider

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It's Your Online Sales Consultant - It’s worth thinking of your business website, as the online version of a shop window. The content found on it being your sales pitch, a combination of information about the product you’re offering and the benefits that it will bring. Getting the balance and ordering of this information right is the crucial part of any excellent content and that’s where I come in.

I have extensive experience in writing pages just like this for all types of business you can think of. By gathering information about the company and its products from the best source, that’s you, I can create pages that really get the job done.

Search Engines Speak - Believe it or not, search engines have become so advanced that they are now able to understand how people would speak to one another so the question is why should this be any different on your website?

When you think about it, you, the business are ‘talking’ to your potential client through your website; we do it every day in the real world so the conversational route is often the best way to go to help build that level of trust and understanding of your company and products.

Turn Visitors into Clients - Getting the public to a website is one thing, getting that traffic to become paying customers is another one completely. In many cases, the conversion rate of a website will stand or fall on how well the content can engage the visitor and how persuasive this can be without sounding pushy or needy.

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If you’re still not convinced to the power of well-written web copy, then call me today on: 07809 765635 & I can discuss how well written content can benefit your site more specifically and drive up those conversions.

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The great thing about Lee Johnson is that he is so approachable. Every email ends with please email me with any questions. Lee also looked at our overall web presence, rather than just focus on keywords. The help and advice has been phenomenal as it has been very focused on growing the revenue generating areas of our website. Lee has quickly understood or goals and our challenges and most importantly empowered us. - Patrick Arundell

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